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Q: Can the average home owner do this himself with rental tools ?

A: Not usually. Professional floor sanders have years of training and use thousands of dollars in equipment and supplies.
Below is an example of a floor sanded by a homeowner with rental equipment.

How we do it...

This is just some of the equipment used during the
sanding and finishing process.
The sanding process starts with a rough cut . The grit of paper used is dependent upon the condition of the floor.

This particular floor was so rough it needed
to be cut at an angle prior to straight cutting .
Before beginning the floor should be checked for staples and nails which must be pulled or set.

Hitting these can result in damage to machines
and dangerous shrapnel .
After the center is rough cut , the edges are then done with a smaller sander.

A properly roughed off floor is flat and clean.
After roughing off the floor, any remaining nails are set and nail holes and cracks are filled.

If the flooring is old and loose some
of the filler will not hold in place and will eventually work
it`s way out.

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