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After the filler dries the floors are sanded again with progressively finer grits until the desired smoothness is reached. This is dependent on the type of wood and if the floor is to go natural or stain.

Floors are usually finished with an
80 or 100 grit.
After the main sanding is done, corners, door jams and all other areas unreachable by machines, must be hand scraped.

A sharp scraper is the key to
clean flat corners.
Corners are then sanded by hand to blend in with the rest of the floor.

Hand sand with the same grit floor
was sanded with.
After scraping , the perimeter of the floors and all areas edged are vibrated to remove any scratches and blend in the area between where the edger and big machine overlap.

Vibrating should also be done any place that must be done entirely with an edger.
Now the floor is ready to buff. Buffing is done with a mesh grit screen or a hard plate and grit screen combination , depending upon the desired level of smoothness. Buffing closes the grain and cleans the floor one last time.

Buffing should be done evenly across the floor with the
grain of the wood.
If the floors are to be stained The grain of the wood may be popped with water or denatured alcohol at this point to achieve a darker richer color.

Evenly dampen the wood and allow to dry.
When buffing is complete , the floors are vacuumed of all dust and a coat of stain or poly goes down.

We use a lambs wool applicator and a bristle brush to apply

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