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After the first coat of poly dries the perimeter of the floors are sanded lightly by hand.

Hand sanding is done with a fine grit paper or
grit screen going with the grain of the wood.
Then the floors are buffed with a 150 grit screen . This process is done in between all following coats. Usually three is standard.

Buffing between coats smoothes out roughness in the floor and allow for good adhesion for the
following coat.
After buffing and hand sanding the floors are carefully vacuumed.

vacuuming should also be done around edges of room, on tops of base boards
and all heating ducts.
Finally before coating , the floors are tacked with rags and thinner or water to remove any remaining dust film.

Tacking around the perimeter of the floor
and in corners should be bone by hand.
After cleaning, the floor is then coated with the brush and lambs wool applicator.

cutting in should be done in sections and then mopped
to avoid finnish setting up from getting
to far ahead.
The lambs wool applicator leaves a nice smooth finnish but can be tricky to get the hang of.

Use smooth even strokes and try not to
leave puddles or dry spots.


And that's all there is to it...

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